Axios is a popular library for making HTTP requests in JavaScript, and it’s often used in React projects to retrieve data from APIs and other server-side resources. Here’s an example of how you can use Axios in a React component to fetch data from a server:

In this example, we use the useEffect hook to fetch data from an API when the component is mounted. We use the axios.get method to send a GET request to the API, and the property to retrieve the data returned by the API. We also use state variables to keep track of the loading status, error state, and data.

When the component is first rendered, the loading state is true, and we display a “Loading…” message. If the fetch fails, we display an error message with the error message. If the fetch succeeds, we display the data in a list.

This is a simple example, but you can use Axios in many other ways to make various types of requests and handle different types of responses. You can also configure Axios with headers, authentication, base URLs, and other settings to meet the specific needs of your application.

Sample 2



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